A New York Fashion Designer That Influences Community Members & Consumers

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FOX’s Ali Vitali reports in this “Housecall for Health”:

I’m Ali Vitali.

A social media star promoting awareness for women and girls in Afghanistan and New York City.

Baysan Karimi (KB) is a menswear designer and female model from Queens, NY who is thrilled to promote Afghani women through social media. The fashion designer told us, ‘It’s important for the male and female community to interact.’ She also holds weekly photo shoots at Afghanistan’s Pre-Edition Baksh Afghan women’s clothing boutique in NYC’s Harlem.

Karimi believes, ‘We need more people who are helping our Muslim countries by buying our clothes to buy our clothes so that we can know about our culture’.

Other women who have been inspired by the designer’s support in their communities include, Khrisraeh Blaker, a Sales Development Specialist with the American Red Cross in New York City. Blaker told me, ‘She helped us to bring things to our clients that actually made a difference to our society. So that’s why I know that she’s doing a good thing and I know that she has a purpose’.”

Karimi holds young women empowerment workshops, promotes women’s initiatives, and she pays women to do unpaid work for her in their community. I’ll have more from KB in just a few minutes.

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