Art of Doing and So Being: Jake Wood on spreading positivity

Jake Wood has recently began a journey of enlightenment, transitioning from a prominent member of England’s tabloid culture to the leader of a worldwide charity.

Wood joins “The Art of Doing and So Being” podcast to talk about how he became a humanitarian, how he started a charity in partnership with Vodafone to empower HIV-positive people around the world, and his passion for inclusivity — something that truly resonates with him because he is the son of a therapist and an English monk.

He also tells us why London is the best place to be in 2018.

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With his latest book The Art of Doing, Wood will share how to overcome obstacles and barriers in order to become an “untouchable artist” in today’s fast-paced world.

Upon launching his book, he joined CNN to discuss this new journey, and how his faith has been key to his success.

CNN’s Sara Sidner interviewed Jake Wood in London in August 2016.

“The Art of Doing” was published by Penguin Random House on January 23.

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