Blythwood footpath: live updates

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What’s new: Total removal of clutter and ‘unnecessary flower beds and paving surfaces’

Blythwood footpath cracked after cracks emerged. Photograph: Philip Toscano/PA

​Total removal of the detritus on the footpath … we will be leaving it up to the community to add the new ground covers and plants.

Blythwood footpath after work was done. Photograph: Gemma Kappler/Alamy

After the concrete came away, the cracks in the brickwork became even more pronounced. Anyone with bad experience of tarmac would be very confident of driving down the path, but if there was rain it would gradually develop cracks that could happen to any surface.

Since the bricks were removed the cast iron spans of the wall have since developed cracks. There’s a scab on the top section of the wall. I don’t know what we’re going to do with this.

Total removal of the detritus … we will be leaving it up to the community to add the new ground covers and plants.

This section of the path has been completely cleared of all dirt and debris. I can’t speak for the future of the wall, however. I haven’t looked at this wall from a geotechnical angle.

Despite the grout, the concrete walls of the wall have now had time to settle. There’s damage on the eastern part, probably due to the original cracks. The south wall is fine, and the concrete wall will continue to serve as a pedestrian route.

I am going to be using this route during the day quite a lot, and would like to give feedback. If you wish to discuss the improvement of the Blythwood path please email me at [email protected] or contact my local MP, Sarah Teather, on 020-7865 3908.

Carpet/flex wall repairs due to washboard bricks that had deteriorated, been removed and then grouted (surface dust removed from each area), and wall tiles replaced.

The washingboard bricks are being carefully placed in position and then grouted with refined brand marks.

Status on repair: all parts repaired, and the mortar is holding well.

​Asha Ji. Photograph: Sitthixay Ditthavong/Reuters

Tenacity and determination: bike lane reinstated

​Bike lane with a bright pink stripe. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian

It took a weekend’s effort, but the team have had the bike lane working at night and on Monday morning – The Fixer is a privilege to help keep our communities clean, well cared for and safe for all to enjoy.

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