El Gente de CNN en Español premiere: March 16

Here’s what you need to know about your Saturday

CNN en Español will air a special one-hour edition of El Gente

El Gente, the industry’s most influential and critically acclaimed news series, will return in March for its second season! This year, it will document the important and varied ways that Americans of all backgrounds, backgrounds and beliefs are making the most of the nation’s rapidly changing landscape, as a growing number of people choose to live together in neighborhoods that do not include a lot of traditional advantages.

Hosted by the beautiful and respected journalist Mónica Gordillo, the current season of El Gente will focus on the ways and the stories of changing neighborhoods as well as on how these are ultimately linked to America’s changing identity and sociology. Through personal stories and larger, definitive interviews, El Gente looks into what it means to live in an increasingly diverse country and engage in a conversation about identity, identity politics, politics and migration.

The CNN en Español primetime lineup on weekdays:

7pm: El Gente

9pm: @Dido_Press, Jaime Moreno and Hanna Alemán


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