EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Director Alexandre Aja’s Intense

via press release:

NEW YORK – September 12, 2018 – World renown film-maker Alexandre Aja, known for high-grossing works, has just announced the new erotic thriller, HANNA, on Netflix; a film he says is influenced by Hitchcock, and sexy and dangerous enough for viewers to “keep your pants on”. It will be available to stream worldwide on Netflix on September 28th.

Aja explained: “The plot and characterisation of HANNA was so compelling and so complex, I knew we needed to tell this story for real. In the end I really felt like I had married under the eyes of God. HANNA is a piece of cinema, where I played an evil role, which I believe every god could enjoy. It is a movie I have enjoyed and wished I could live with for years.”

Aja (THE DEATHBED, THE HOBBIT) along with star Keanu Reeves (THE WHALE) gave a sneak peek of HANNA at a private screening and panel held yesterday in New York. The panel took place during The Apartment – 75th Anniversary (New York Screening) of Alexandre Aja’s THE DEATHBED, presented by Saban.

HANNA is a psychological thriller set in modern day Los Angeles, which asks: how far would you go to prove your love? When he successfully filed an anonymous claim with a court to return his wife and child back to him, HANNA began to unravel. But as a truly unexpected and complex family drama unfolds in his own flesh, he can only live with the mysteries he has to answer for. HANNA centers on a woman who is forced to determine what her true love is, when her husband forces her to marry another man, under the mask of a world renown courtesan, to protect her and ensure her legacy. HANNA also stars Winona Ryder (GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS), David Harbour (The HOBBIT) and Bobby Campo (THE PURGE: PART II).

The 2018 New York Ambassadors of Film include John Lithgow (GHOST), Lucien Laviscount (THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER), Giancarlo Esposito (GHOST), Audra McDonald (STARS IN DISGUISE), Jason Lewis (BAD MOMS), Victor Garber (THE WEDDING RINGER), Elisa Donovan (AUSTIN POWERS), Jessica Szohr (GREENLEAF), Phillipa Soo (THE MUPPET MINDER), Kevin Zegers (GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS), Rebecca Rittenhouse (WARLORD OF MARS), Maya Erskine (THE ROOSTER), Niko Guardnauer (THE ROCK), Jon Voight (THE DEPARTED), Daniel Dae Kim (BAD MOMS), Sharon Stone (THE MUPPET MINDER), Catherine Bell (LONG LOST), Cynthia Nixon (THE SHIFT), Leslie Hope (THE BLEEPING GIRL), Elaine Hendrix (GREENLEAF), Nicolas Cage (MONSTERS BASKETBALL), Ben Rosenfield (STARS IN DISGUISE), Rob Morrow (MILKSHAKES 2), Beverly Todd (MARIAN AND STEVEN), Rob Brown (THE DEPARTED), Freddie Stroma (REVENGE), Chace Crawford (GIFT), Brianna Denski (THE SAVAGES), Cole Hauser (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY), Jenna Elfman (TROLLS), Demian Bichir (ESTRANGED), Neil Patrick Harris (HARRY POTTER: THE CURSE OF THE WOLVES), Gary Sweet (HEROES IN CRISIS), Sam Palladio (VAMPIRE HUNTER), Lyriq Bent (DEAD TAKERS), Anthony Mackie (AMERICAN VARNISH), Katee Sackhoff (HEROES IN CRISIS), Nick Robinson (BILLY TURNER), Shailene Woodley (DAMN.), Olga Kurylenko (ROYAL PAINS), Robert Patrick (TROMBONE), Susan Sarandon (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), Jose Pablo Cantillo (PERDUDAM), Bojana Novakovic (WEB OF LIFE), Carlo Ricciotti (LITTLE MIX), Edgar Ramirez (MANILA), Jason Isaacs (A MAN CALLED OVARIAN), John Malkovich (THE AVENGERS), Rebecca Field (THE DEATHBED), Elle Fanning (ZOOTOPIA), Isabel Lucas (BLACK DYNAMITE), Sarah

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