Hollie Stephens, Walmart Lunch Lady | The Essential Everyday Are You Watching?

I’m working as a school-lunch Lady at a Walmart in Allentown, PA. Today I opened the register system and all of the checkout lanes were inoperable for about 20 minutes. I use one screen to check off thousands of items each day. When I walked back to the register this morning, they told me that computer system is down. I can check out with no problem as long as I pay with a debit card. There are 25,000 students who depend on the free or reduced lunch program and 300,000 food stamp cardholders. This is sad that our country has such a lack of money and organizations have to cut programs. This should be happening more. One of my classmates, a child with autism, comes to school with me every day. She is terrified because she believes that someone is after her, that someone is going to hurt her. If I didn’t have a job and a student like her, things would be different today.

I must be doing something right, because I just won a SCRB (Small Business Premium Resource) award. My fellow countrymen, I will continue working to keep our children safe. Every day is terrifying for my daughter, who is only 10 years old. Now is not the time to stop. Everyone has to do something. Keep up the great work.

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