LA councilman wants to take a closer look at robberies near homes

The L.A. City Council on Tuesday approved the creation of a “Follow Home Task Force” to combat a rise in robberies near homes.

Police Department Commissioner Elias Nasseri announced the initiative on Monday following a rash of crimes near dozens of houses.

Police officials have identified more than 100 “cold cases” or robberies of homes and businesses on which investigators have not yet developed leads.

In at least a dozen of the cases, police have arrested one suspect in another part of the city.

One of the key areas targeted by the follow-home task force are 39th Street and South Avenue 51, where 22 crimes have been reported since January. In those cases, at least one suspect was reportedly caught stealing in a residential driveway.

The following three South L.A. neighborhoods are also being targeted. They are : 49th Street and South Haven, 33rd Street and Western Avenue, and Avalon and Avalon Place.

The measure will provide additional resources to officers in those areas. It also requires LAPD to study better ways to keep an eye on homes and businesses near major crimes.

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