Obama and Trump enjoy dinner with Biden in the White House

President Barack Obama welcomed former Vice President Joe Biden to the White House Monday night, a week ahead of the expected birth of Biden’s second grandchild, as well as both men’s 69th birthdays.

The Trumps also attended.

The unusually close and lengthy family reunion was highlighted by a White House dinner Monday night. Biden has been vacationing on Nantucket Island for the past week.

Both Obama and Trump are scheduled to go on vacation in their golf clubs Thursday.

Obama’s first child, Sasha, recently had her first sibling, twins who will turn three weeks old on Saturday. The tradition of recognizing relatives at the White House over the weekend for birthdays has continued through the Obama administration, although the visits were shorter and less formal than they are now.

The time between family visits to the White House has become a way for Obama to celebrate the special occasion. He is vacationing in Hawaii where his daughter, Malia, has spent the summer.

Biden returned earlier this month to his home in Delaware after vacationing with his daughter Ashley. The Obamas have been vacationing on Nantucket Island with their daughters Malia and Sasha for the past week.

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