Preview: Glorious Immolation and Extinction in this week’s episode of ‘Doctor Who’

The cartoon character Hellbound (Iain Glen) returns to his typically evil form in this week’s episode of ‘Doctor Who’ (9pm ET/PT, BBC America).

The chilling teaser opens with Hellbound on his motorbike, his jaw jutting out, as he listens to an ominous burst of thunder.

He then emerges from his hiding place to what appears to be a huge alien spaceship housing the titular predators.

After leaping over walls, there’s a long space shot featuring Hellbound and the creatures of doom coming out of what looks like a giant, metallic worm-hole.

The presence of these supposed monsters, villains of the cosmos with a claim to superiority over sentient beings such as the Doctor and Pertwee, is a big plot point.

For the rest of this week’s episode, Saturday, Sept. 1, YouTube will be streaming a simulcast, featuring the U.S. release of the 100th episode of Doctor Who.

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his newest companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) embark on a thrilling and horrifying journey aboard the TARDIS, but when they arrive in the world of the Daleks, they’re thrown for a loop.

‘Saturday’ will be made available for viewing on YouTube.

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