Queensway Restaurant opens in Canada with stunning visuals

Written by By Sandra Jiang, CNN

Queensway Restaurant at the Queensway Marketplace — a joint venture between Lowe’s, the Mississauga Sportsplex and the Rotary Club of Mississauga — recently opened its doors in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

With a focus on local food, the restaurant features a selection of artisanal items sourced from local purveyors including Red Dog Farm, Roots Organic Farm and Famous Dave’s BBQ.

To transport diners to another country, the restaurant features floor-to-ceiling images of artwork from local artist Alain Jarry, evoking the vivid landscapes found in Quebec. A “high-end” pizzeria, it also offers dishes from nearly 50 countries.

“We’re a family friendly space, a chef-driven environment, and this is a product of that space,” said Alain Gravier, the chef at Queensway Restaurant, during an opening day event at the restaurant.

“We want people to be very into food and to look at everything and love it,” he added.

The restaurant operates under Lowes new Urban Food Center Program, which aims to make food from locally produced food more accessible.

Queensway Restaurant features a 50-seat (60, when they’re at peak) U-shaped dining room, featuring photographs of artwork from local artist Alain Jarry. Credit: Sandra Jiang

Ilene Kriegl, CEO of Lowes, said at the opening that she had been craving a restaurant in Mississauga for some time.

“This brings together all the things that I love — there’s sports, there’s food, there’s entertainment, there’s shopping, all in one place — and that’s what we’re hoping our customers can feel, and it feels so much more local,” she said.

Queensway Restaurant features a flat screen TV right next to the restaurant’s bar. Credit: Sandra Jiang

Kriegl said the restaurant is also committed to creating an experience that is in line with its neighborhood.

“We’re walking distance to the local high school, to the library, and this was really important,” she said.

“And when I think about people who are looking for things to do, a big part of it was the food scene and the restaurants that are already existing in this community.”

Kriegl, a Montreal native, also cites the restaurant’s location as an attraction for potential customers.

“We’re on the next corner of something that’s pretty exciting, this park, so we’re closer to the rest of the city, and there are a lot of places to hang out, a lot of places to see people,” she said.

The restaurant’s menu features dishes from across the world. Credit: Sandra Jiang

The restaurant’s layout changes based on the season and location of its seasonally-inspired dishes. A showcase pays homage to the restaurant’s outdoor patio, with an amphitheater-style mural reminiscent of a Canadian summer day.

Kriegl also said the restaurant provides a great opportunity for its young staff, because it allows them to gain hands-on experience in a restaurant.

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