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Finally I have received a compliment. As a devotee of Massey Hall for almost 30 years, especially the Orange boxes, I’ve often thought of people walking by the cultural reference point unthinking as “University of Glasgow”. However, recent reports of recent major refurbishments at the Hall have highlighted the cultural venue’s resurrection as an important international meeting point, a major tourist draw, and a fine recording studio, among other things. The article “New stars for an old home” by Will Gompertz and Dana Hills made me realise that what we need is more than a regeneration programme. Massey Hall, and Gartnavel, must be reinvigorated to become the home of Scotland’s major event orchestras, which will help them retain talent, attract and retain future generations and lift our international standing.

The official replacement that has been mentioned (for Gartnavel) is the Hayward Gallery instead of the Royal Conservatoire, which might be viable if Sheffield doesn’t own the hall. This is further proof that the government doesn’t understand the significance of Massey Hall to Scotland. We urgently need to understand our cultural links with the UK’s cultural superpowers. Massey Hall is central to our DNA. The first strand of the application called for collaborations with elsewhere including Tiverton and Witney, Tiverton Theatres, Ledbury House and Forest Holme Estate, National House for the Unemployed, Arts Forum, Cheshire Discovery Centre and Parks. Schemes will be ploughed back into a network of arts and education networks with the inevitable links between it and University of Glasgow. We need everyone who cares about the future of the arts in Scotland to support this ambitious bid.

Richard Perrin

Professor of professional conduct

Aberdeen University

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