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Written by Staff Writer

Our own Charles Byrne was on hand to visit some of the Best-in-Show winners to see what they’ve been up to since then

But if your only visit to Best-in-Show winners has been through a museum, it’s safe to say these are hardly your everyday visitors.

The Life at The Best-in-Show Winners exhibit isn’t just filled with the walking thesaurus of prize-winning breeds, either.

All of them were bred for specific purposes, with every breed being descended from a past winner.

So with names like Jethro Douglas, Brenda Jr. and Duke Rex Morris, the exhibit reveals the long and arduous history these pets have shared — and the incredible durability, strength and spirit that have borne them through the years.

The exhibit isn’t the only place to experience Best-in-Show winners in the US this month. The 2018 National Dog Show airs on Fox next Sunday, September 23, the day before the list of Best-in-Show is revealed.

While it’s known that The Best-in-Show Winners exhibit is closed in December (after the dogs have been retired for the year), that doesn’t mean there aren’t several other places you can visit that share their Best-in-Show history.

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