The Morning Briefing: Q&A for the lefty views on Trump’s inaugural

Welcome to a very special Tuesday Morning Briefing. Tomorrow is the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as president, and I have a special treat for you for that evening: a webcast on your Desktop or Mobile that I have prepared for you.

I’ll be calling on Matthew Wurtzel, a senior editor at Slate, to discuss the President-elect’s plans for early on in his term. I’ll be featuring an interview with Christine Pelosi, a communications strategist who recently told me she’s expecting bold progressive proposals from the President — like infrastructure spending.

Then, of course, I’ll be joined by CNN’s Jake Tapper, John King and Gloria Borger on Trump’s big night at the Capitol. You’ll get all your coverage, plus a brief survey on the news of the day, which will be posted here at noon ET on Wednesday.

The fun is about to begin. Check in tomorrow, and on Wednesday, stay tuned!

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