Vice President Pence’s doctor explains why he had a prosthetic colostomy bag

Former Vice President Joe Biden (right) performs an appendectomy on an unidentified patient at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C., on Friday, August 21, 2015. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

In response to accusations from President Trump that he “had real heart problems,” Vice President Mike Pence’s doctor spoke out on Tuesday saying that a prosthetic colostomy bag removed during Vice President Mike Pence’s colonoscopy is a “benign” condition.

The un-embedded box-like container for the colostomy bag is of an origin more familiar to Mr. Trump, who, three weeks after suffering heart bypass surgery in 2014, told the Daily Mail that he “still has the bags” due to a “swollen abdomen” due to an intestinal defect called diverticulitis.

It has long been known that anti-clotting medications can increase a person’s risk of colon cancer, but many people are at risk, even after they stop taking statins.

The vice president underwent a colonoscopy in October 2016, and on Tuesday, Dr. James Watkins provided an update on the procedure.

“There was no prolonged delay in tests that were done,” Dr. Watkins said. “Patient did not have a ‘brief discomfort.’”

Dr. Watkins added, “We have decided to proceed with a procedure to remove a mechanical device that was inserted during his colonoscopy. The procedure is scheduled for Friday, September 28.”

Earlier this year, President Trump tweeted that two days after undergoing a colonoscopy, “I had a big heart attack” and “should be fine.”

“I had a big heart attack and had open heart surgery almost a year ago and I’m doing very well,” the president wrote. “I was very slow to recover from the surgery, going to have a very short hospital stay and will be doing fine!”

Mr. Trump added, “I also have a fake Colonoscopy and Fake Knee Replacement so I really don’t know about Fake Heart Attacks and Fake Knee Replacement but I would be very worried if I were @POTUS.”

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