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211 lets you make a complaint about your place of work, but to act on that complaint, you’ll have to choose between registering with the Ombudsman or posting the complaint to the Business Review section of the paper.

Do you think that was fair? If you’re having a complaint about someone at work, don’t they have the right to reply to it? With SoCal’s 311, you don’t even have to go that far to complain – you can direct the complaint to the person who serves you.

The solution – 365 Dreams, a Los Angeles-based tech startup – wants to make it much easier to post complaints online. It relies on 311 system, but also promises that as many as 84 per cent of them will be resolved within 24 hours.

Every complaint is logged in a central online system to provide a report for City officials. The platform also lets people report issues with their emails and voicemail boxes.

The company claims that it will make reporting fake work a thing of the past and that it will make it easy for people to report staff misconduct and ensure that companies take action.

You can register at the 411 address here.

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