Welcome to Italy: Sicily introduces new bus lanes — but not how you expected

Written by By J.A. Beni, CNN

Image: Courtesy Naples City Council

In the first weekend of April, over 1,600 newly built, dedicated bus lanes were introduced to Sicily’s capital. In a green move expected to boost public transport around the city, the transit stops are located on a one-way carriageway running along the city’s central waterfront.

But that’s not how it looked on the weekend.

A public-funded project on a city-owned plaza has resulted in hundreds of confusion on social media

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Perhaps confused by the lack of signage on the day, Twitter users took to social media to voice their frustrations over the move.

People from various European countries complained that “even streets where buses can’t use the lanes are not painted,” while others complained about the poor visibility of bus stop signage.

The bus lanes, which cost the city nearly €50 million ($56 million), are funded by a local urban development fund.

Additionally, the new bus stops are situated on spaces set aside for the Naples Edition contemporary art gallery — an installation-filled project worth over €150 million ($161 million). The aim of the new lines is to improve urban mobility in the Sicilian capital.

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