‘Why Can’t We Have a Public Hearing with You?’: Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) Demands Answers From Elizabeth Holmes (VIDEO)

Republican Representative Joe Barton of Texas sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Barton wrote in the Wall Street Journal that Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos, has turned the House energy committee into “perhaps the most bizarrely managed committee in Congress.”

At an event at Google’s Mountain View headquarters in California, the House energy committee announced it is investigating Theranos. According to Barton, Holmes received “letters and phone calls, trips and even a champagne reception” in an effort to meet with members of the committee but never did.

“Why should you be able to meet with anyone and not get subpoenas?” Barton asked Holmes in an interview on Fox & Friends. “Why can’t the committee engage in a public hearing with you? You’re a billionaire, you have a lot of power, you have the resources, why can’t you just step up and deal with it?”

Holmes, a onetime investor who spent her twenties in the Silicon Valley, says she did not provide information to congressional members because they did not know how to get at the facts.

Holmes is asking people not to jump to conclusions or judge her story, “Just ask me again after you read the articles,” she said at the event at Google. “I’m speaking out.”

Holmes says she believes claims that the Wall Street Journal made about the company are false, “I don’t know what they are.”

“As the founder and CEO, I’m saying, I’m willing to face these accusations and questions. I’ve been a victim of the criticism, but let’s get a lot of facts. There’s not been enough facts laid out.”

Watch the interview below.

Will the CEO of Theranos be subpoenaed? The Wall Street Journal reports she has requested such a move but the House energy committee has not yet stated its position.

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