90,000 Spam Emails A Minute In Wreaking Havoc On Hawaii After Latest Tsunami

10-Hour Long Flight

For most Americans the ten-hour flight from Washington to Hawaii wasn’t the most “air quality miserable.” That’s because the tiny Waikiki from 12k feet is Hawaii’s most polluted urban area. This, from the American Lung Association’s National Air Quality Index, a program. Hawaii, the study shows, has the 20th worst of the worst air quality.

Worst Adblocker

It was a slow week for the top downloaders of the popular Adblocker software. Isobar says its rate in Germany plummeted to 8 percent as soon as it announced it would stop blocking ads altogether, effective Jan. 1, 2018. Unsurprisingly, Google, Facebook and Amazon all saw massive spikes.

This Is Silicon Valley Money

Big Silicon Valley companies spend more on lobbying than entire countries, a new report shows. U.S. firms reported $407 million in lobbying expenditures while foreign companies and governments spent $436 million. That’s 21.8 percent higher than the total spend in 2016.

Low-wage Countries Get Marginally Worse

On average, low-wage countries are now getting marginally worse at putting an end to the spread of infectious diseases. According to a new report, they lag behind many developed countries on this year’s podium. Australia, for example, just barely beat out Brazil for 18th place on the table.

BP Responds To Russia

We take the lead tonight with, “How is BP helping Russia? How much did BP pay and why is it reporting so little to Congress?”

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