Biden Praises SCOTUS Pick: If I Were President, I’d Make A Pro-Choice Choice

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Former Vice President Joe Biden speaking with Alan Colmes about the Supreme Court nomination and what he would do if he were President in terms of announcing his pick.

Later in the show, Congressman John Lewis explains his civil rights experience in the 1960’s in a sit in at a segregated restaurant in 1961 and how America still needs to do more for African Americans.

Then, Democratic Political Consultant Hank Sheinkopf talks about 2020’s Democratic field.

Then, Matthew Day, the son of the late Founder and President of Franklin & Marshall College, Dr. Albert Day, and a member of Dr. Day’s Board of Trustees and board of advisors, talks about what the university is doing in the wake of President Donald Trump’s highly controversial comments about Haiti and African nations at the UN. He is joined by Josh Wessler of The Huffington Post and Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Alan Colmes’ radio show airs Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. ET and 11 a.m. ET on the Fox News Radio Network.

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