Etsy Black Friday 2018 deals: What you can buy now for less than a tenner

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption You could pick up some clothing, beautiful antiques or artwork at great discounts

Where else could you find an incredible Black Friday deal on a beautiful globe that retails for £300 and is advertised as selling for £6 – “every last one”?

Rather less ostentatious (but still mouthwatering) is the lotus dish for £50. It’s only available on Etsy.

If you like vintage, this bag of beans for £5.20, would set you back much more.

And for £10 you could have the paraphernalia of an old-fashioned chamber pot, light bulbs and light fittings.

Elsewhere, and not what you’d expect to see at your local supermarket, or convenience store, its a pocket knife for £2.

Yes, it’s the most fabulous time of year to get a bargain in store.

But this week Etsy has given us its best festive season deals ever, with some brilliant bargains, plenty of unique wares that wouldn’t otherwise be available for us to sniff, and some utterly gorgeous home goods.

In total, there are over 130,000 items to choose from. If you already shop on Etsy, or were browsing earlier in the year and had the cash in your pocket, you could be about to save some cash on hundreds of items

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