Jobs and Economy: The Morning After – Less Mideast Instability & More Bypassing Bad News To Cheer The Good

Robert S. Bennett

At the University of Texas in Houston

Former Vice President Joe Biden will continue to go after President Trump’s Central American children’s refugee program while also stating that the border proposal is not good for this country.

He has been making that case on international soil and now he will make it back home.

Speaking today in Corpus Christi, Texas, Senator John Cornyn of Texas said Biden has an upcoming trip to Mexico to push for reform there on the same issue that he hammered on two months ago at a national summit of Hispanic leaders at the University of Texas.

Cornyn said Biden will raise the issue of what happens to the children and youths whose parents are deported.

He said to do so while he is visiting Mexican President M. Pena Nieto will put more pressure on the President to finish what he started in January of this year when he officially signed off on the Central American Program.

Biden also said he believes the President’s proposal to build a massive wall along the border will not work and that it’s a waste of money.

Biden also said he thinks the President’s idea of Mexico paying for the wall is a public relations contrivance that was intended to keep the country from angering its citizens when it comes to the migrant problem.

He said he thinks the border stop operation plan is something that does not need to continue, but he did not commit to ending it as some have suggested.

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