Plant-based meat vs. the meat lobby

“It’s not the third rail of American politics. It’s a fundamental change in how people think about what’s good for them. And, it’s also a way to preserve the planet.”

Becca Greene, Rolling Stone

Plant-based meat is coming, and it has the power to change not only our understanding of meat-eating but also our political and social movements and even the entire body politic. I’m part of a group of young entrepreneurs calling for a change of conversation, a rethinking of meat as it’s traditionally been prepared and eaten, an embracement of all of the joys of plant-based eating. We are getting to a stage where people are discovering to their surprise just how satisfying and delicious plant-based meat can be.

You, my readers, are going to be the power behind this. We’re seeing in our restaurants that single ingredient — dairy-free cheese, for example — is actually more popular than the category in its entirety. Because of the power of our audience, the passion they have for this issue, and the desire to eat in a way that feels good and makes them feel good, it’s going to resonate. And once the conversation has started in a positive way, it’s easy to see the shift in culture.

So my hope for this year is to truly get this message across, make it an urgent topic and to help plant-based meat finally come of age. From my experience, however, I don’t see that happening overnight.

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