Plant-based meat vs. the meat lobby

“It’s not the third rail of American politics. It’s a fundamental change in how people think about what’s good for them. And, it’s also a way to preserve the planet.” Becca Greene, Rolling Stone…


Art of Doing and So Being: Jake Wood on spreading positivity

Jake Wood has recently began a journey of enlightenment, transitioning from a prominent member of England’s tabloid culture to the leader of a worldwide charity. Wood joins “The Art of Doing and So Being”…

Electronic Billboards for 2018


Electronic Billboards for 2018

They still don’t, though Kofi Annan (R, x) and Benny Morris (A, n, e, a, y) have joined Sir Richard Dawkins (Choo, rh) and my friend Huw Adler (H, n) in recommending the World…