This website really wants you to think about the environment when you get a holiday gift

Ready to buy a gift idea that won’t actually be on the gift card list? is a collection of products that you can hold in your hand. It features glow-in-the-dark jewelry, gardening gloves, a wall of jewelry made from harvested alpaca fiber, and even weighty notebooks. They’re neither the most exciting gifts to pick up, nor do they qualify as any kind of gift receipt, so don’t expect to use them for anything but getting wooed at a cocktail party. And Shaker’s brand recognition isn’t something it can spend on a holiday campaign, either. The site has grown quickly—as of late October, more than 50 million people had viewed the site—and they’ve since moved to a new round of funding. But the idea of an artisanal gift that you don’t have to label has this year been relatable in a way that’s been more high-minded than ridiculous.

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